Dear Creatives,

Besides marketing specialists, I see Artistes, Filmmakers, Video/Photographers and Writers as creatives. As a musician, your music is your creation. It’s original. Your art. Your baby.

My cousin reached out to me that her friend just put out his new single and was looking to shoot a music video and is 13 years old. I was impressed because when I was 13, I don’t remember doing anything this big (except if I count winning a dance competition one time).

She sent me the song and the beat was amazing and then I started listening to the lyrics and he kept talking about twerking, hoes & bit**es.

I wasn’t as excited as I was when I started listening but I couldn’t blame him. I mean, the industry makes it look like if your song isn’t about that kind of life, you won’t blow or it won’t be a hit.

If his lyrics are dirty at 13, will his music positively affect lives or add any value?

I’ll always listen to a Timi Dakolo, Adekunle Gold or Simi’s song any day because I know their lyrics are healthy and that’s refreshing to know.

I messaged her to tell him to work on writing meaningful lyrics and not be about how the industry is right now.

Dear creatives, if you read this, if not for you, think about the younger generation. Let our art be of example.

Have a great day today.


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