Happy New Year Fam!!

The last six weeks have been amazing for me and I’m thankful for strength and good health.

In November, I took a big step and resigned from where I was working and moved back to Lagos, Nigeria. This was a big decision for me but I’m happier now.

In December, I got the opportunity to produce daily episodes of a project I worked on and each episode aired on National TV and two other TV networks. The experience was tasking but fun and I’m thankful for this.

Also have two amazing jobs I got and will be starting pretty soon and I can’t even express my gratitude to God. He’s been faithful.

Every year I usually write plans I hope to achieve and at the end of the year, I realize I never quite achieve whatever it was so December 31st 2017, I finally was able to figure out why this happens to me every year.

This was how the hashtag #WorryFree2018 came about.

I observed that instead of live in present and enjoy my today, I worry about the future and also not do things based on my past experiences.

My dad also said something that struck. “It’s either you decide to trust God completely, or not“.

I’m more than ready to put my faith to work now because thankfully, I’ve woken up to realize that with faith, there’s really no basis for fulfillment so its either I believe God’s word and plans for me or keep living how I’ve been living – making plans and then worrying about them or doing nothing about the plans out of fear and just staying confused.

I hope you join me in not worrying at all this 2018 and I know this is possible because God has given us the grace to.

I pray that immediately we begin to feel confused or overwhelmed about anything, the Holy Spirit helps us to remember this decision to stay worry free and trust Him in Jesus name. Amen.

Happy New Year Fam!

Love, Biola.

Photo: herdalum.com

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  1. Priscilla Aimila January 4, 2018 — 8:09 AM

    This is so inspiring Biola, thank you. Happy new year darling. Have a great 2018

  2. This has helped me a great deal. Just saw this…i’m gonna work with God and have a worry free 2018. Thank you πŸ™‚

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