“Abiola Jinadu brings enthusiasm and confidence to everything she does. A trained multimedia journalist, she is covering a wide range of topics, and a fine representative of the next generation of broadcast journalists.”

Bill Einreinhofer – Chair, Broadcast Journalism, New York Film Academy

I’m a Digital Content Creator, Broadcast Journalist, Teacher, Co-Founder / Managing Partner Biola Jinadu Visuals, a video production company and Lead Consultant at AMME Consult, a media consulting firm.

In August 2016, I completed a training in Broadcast Journalism at the New York Film Academy which made me fall in love with creating content.

As a content creator, I get my ideas from my life experiences and passion which is to tell stories through different media streams and projects that will help develop members of the community I live in as well as contribute to the positive growth of my country, Nigeria and wherever I find myself.

My faith and relationship with God is the most important thing to me which is why, I am focused on creating video and written content on my experiences and everything I am learning.

I believe sharing will help people around me yearn to know God, experience His love and in turn, share their experiences with those around them.

This will cause a ripple effect that will bring about positivity and I believe will bring change that will be impactful wherever we are in the world.

I edit on Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and iMovie. I shoot with a Canon 6D Mark II and my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

One last thing you need to know, I love arranging! My friends & family think I have OCD (LOL).

I wasn’t surprised in 2017, I picked up interest in website design, social media management & graphic design. I love seeing things in order (physically or online).

This has now become an income stream for me!


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  1. 👍🏾 Great work you do!!

  2. Bukola Alatise June 28, 2020 — 1:49 PM

    Love youu Biola!!!
    Keep shining your light Sis!

  3. Love you work…
    It will really help a lot of people 💕💕

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