“I’ll pay you before the end of the month, I swear”

“Don’t ever give out something you cannot write off. Giving is blessed but when you give, give that you are not hoping to receive” – Woromah Mgbah ❤️

At about 5pm yesterday, I was feeling so down. I’ve been on medication for a month now and I’m about running out and need to get more.

I have been expecting money from three sources. Two were from clients and the other was someone that was owing me. Now I was feeling down because this person was supposed to have paid me before the end of November but it is going six weeks now. Yes. Six weeks.

I remembered having a conversation with my cousin, we talked about the difference between asking for a favour and asking for a loan.

If you come up to me and say “Hi Biola, please I need help with something can you assist me with some money, I won’t be able to pay you back though”. I will assist you if I have at that moment without expecting to get it back but if you say to me you’ll pay me back, I expect that you do.

My cousin and I both agreed on this because we had both experienced people promising to pay back and not following through.

The worst part about this was, this person has refused to pick my calls or respond to my messages and God knows I’ve been pretty cool when I ask about when I should expect my money.

I called this person today, no response the first time and next thing, number was switched off. I then sent him a text practically begging to please find a way to pay it because I needed to get my drugs urgently.

I’ve decided to let him be although this decision is paining me because we had our initial before the end of the month agreement out of the goodness of my heart and I can’t help but feel like I’ve been taken advantage of.

These kind of people make it difficult to make decisions to help others.

Talking about this issue with my friend Woromah, she made me realize that it’s best to give only what I can let go off.

So learn from me, give what you can write off so you don’t feel bad like I felt if you don’t get your money or whatever it is you gave out.

Please for those of you who have made it a habit of not keeping to your word, it doesn’t help relationships. I really doubt I’ll keep this person as a friend after this.

So say what you can do. Always be honest, it’ll surprise you what you can get from living this way.

Photo: Guardian.ng

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