Nah, I won’t go back to lying

The short term pain of accepting the truth is better than the long term pain of believing an illusion” – Anonymous

See ehn, I have reached the conclusion that most people don’t like hearing the truth. Most people don’t even like telling themselves the truth.

98% of the time since I left uni, I try my best to be honest but that other 2% happens when I’ve told the truth and I’m still being forced or swayed to speak other wise.

When I was in Uni, I’d always agree to plans with my course mates or friends knowing fully well that I was NOT going to follow through.

Now to an extent, I understand why some guys tell girls what they want to hear and vice versa. This isn’t good because as Christians we should be honest at all times but boyyyyyyyyyy, some people make it really difficult.

Ahn ahn, I can’t make it is I can’t make it. I can count up to 5 people I’ve been honest with about not being able to meet up or attend their event in the last two weeks but they keep pushing that I must come. Excuse you, I just said I won’t be able to.

This was me being honest because asides recovering, distance is another issue in the fuel scarcity phase and then for two other people, I’m not in the state where your event is happening. Are you covering travel costs that I should come down?

I’ve been trying to cut my costs. I’ve spent so much on transportation since I moved back to this Lagos so I’d rather go somewhere that comes off as an investment.

I tried the lying way when i was in school and of course it didn’t work out because a person can never go far with lies. Now I’m trying the honest way and it is beginning to look like it won’t work out too.

Nah. I’d rather keep being honest than soiling my name and become a “promise and fail” or even worse a Liar 😱

There were two friends I promised to see before the end of last year but wasn’t able to on more than one occasion. I actually planned on going but things kept coming up and couldn’t make it on the agreed days but I eventually did see them.

Please don’t be demanding too much from other people. Also try not to take it personal and be understanding when someone gives you a reason why they can’t show up or help you out with something.

Trust me, its better to know someone isn’t helping you so you don’t hope or depend on them only to be disappointed.

It’s not even only with meeting up or attending events but in other aspects of life. Relationships, Business, with your lifestyle and finances, you need to be honest with yourself and others.

Some people know that this up and down lifestyle or fake living isn’t the way but just to keep up appearances, they refuse to build a relationship with THE WAY (Jesus).

Let’s pay attention to all the lessons we can learn this 2018 and start applying them in our individual lives.



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