Students Meet Graduate

The project Students Meet Graduate was birth out of my desire to ensure that outgoing secondary students are prepared before they begin the next phase of their life as an undergraduate.

Upon my admission as an undergraduate, I had no prior knowledge as to what to expect when I get into the university and this made me make poor choices in several areas of my life in my first year in school. I started developing myself in my 300 Level and because I have not stopped developing myself, I have been able to make better choices that have not just helped me but also people around me.

This is the pilot of this project and it will start with secondary schools in Anambra Central Senatorial Zone, Anambra State. This is my contribution to the community I currently reside. I hope to continue on an annual basis and expand it nationwide and internationally.

The pilot project is tagged A Guide to Life at the University.

The project covers;

  1. Knowing your Career Path and Goal Setting
  2. Social and Relationship Matters
  3. Academic, Health and Spiritual Development
  4. Financial Responsibility
  5. Capacity Building




  • Volunteer on a Film Production | Benin City, Nigeria: November 2016

Worked as the script supervisor. Was in charge of overseeing the continuity of the motion picture including wardrobe, props, set dressing, hair, makeup and the actions of the actors during a scene.

  • Volunteer at Anambra Broadcasting Service | Awka, Nigeria: Sep. 2015 – Oct. 2015
    • Trained News and Programmes department staff in Awka and Onitsha branch offices on Multimedia, Mobile and Social Media Journalism
  • Volunteer Tutoring Secondary School Students | Awka, Nigeria May 2015
    • Enlightened secondary school press club students in my community of residence on Media and Information Literacy.
  • Volunteer at Local Orphanage | Awka, Nigeria Mar. 2015 – Apr. 2015
    • Sourced for sponsors to provide provisions and equipment to meet the needs of the children in the home.
  • Volunteer at National Youth Service Corps | Awka, Nigeria Feb. 2015
    • Enlightened youths in the state on the importance of peace. To vote and not fight in the just concluded elections.
  • Volunteer at Wellspring Rehabilitation Centre | Lagos, Nigeria: Dec. 2013
    • Planned, organized Christmas Carol Service and assisted in editorial work for yearly women’s magazine.
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