Summary Steps to Success (Tony Robbins)


I watched an interview with Tony Robbins about a week ago. He talked about how he became successful and what he’s learned over the years.

This article begins  with a summary of the seven steps he gave and  also includes  other stuff I learnt from the interview.

Enjoy your read!

Summary steps to success 

1. Realize my purpose.

2. Know my numbers. Be able to read my numbers (financials)

3. Recognize my patterns of bad habits. Build new patterns.

4. Risk failing. Put myself in a position when I’m forced to go forward and there’s no where else to go.

5. Renew my mind. Reading is not enough. Read but also apply. Also on a physiological level.

6. Recharge my body. Take my health seriously. Watch my diet, have a trainer (optional), get my blood pumping.

7. Refresh my spirit. I can’t be grateful and angry or fearful at the same time. Daily gratitude practice. Giving back. Pray daily. Be a blessing to people daily.

(Other stuff I took down that I want to remember by looking over from time to time) 

Decide to feed my mind everyday, read biographies, understand what makes people tick, understand what makes me tick.

Take everything I learn & apply it.
Understand the power of compressing decades into days. If I learn by my own experience it’ll be painful and slow but I should learn from other people’s experiences.

Other people’s experience are more powerful than their money. I can get the money and loose it but get the experience and use it life long.

Never loose my hunger. Always look for answers. That’s the common thing with successful people.

I’m not willing to settle anymore, it’s time for a change wake up with this mind set every morning.

The things I’m doing right now? Am I doing it for money or to change lives?

My skills, enthusiasm & passion. What is it ?

How do I do more for others ?
How do I create change when it’s impossible?
How do I give people experiences that’ll be long lasting?
How do I switch of consuming and start creating ?

Read & apply.  It takes time to educate & then time to execute.

I have to apply, and make mistakes and uncover what I already know and what I don’t know.

The people who are the best in the world don’t just read alone they put what they read to practice. They put themselves on the line to fail & then try to find a way to succeed in spite of everything. De-practice makes practice.

Look at my pattern. Change my pattern.

Don’t get into starting a business without really understanding it. That’s the biggest mistake. Realize that If I don’t have a market I’m in trouble.

Do I know how to read the instruments? I need to understand how to use accounting to make better decisions.

3 key things that will sabotage my business if I start without figuring them out;
1. Not understanding the business

2. Not managing my own psychology

3. Not knowing my numbers
Cramming, articulating, practicing – I need to learn these.

Do I really want to make difference ?
As the years go buy and I build my skills and talents I have more to give.

If I can do really good work, people will identify with my brand.

Do things I like because if I don’t like what I do a minute would feel like an eternity.

Self mastery is the most important first lesson. Train my brain to do things immediately. Be committed to be physically ready to doing things.

Emotionally, wake up daily, take 10 minutes to concentrate. Use 4 minutes to think about the things I’m entirely grateful for, 3 minutes to pray. 3 minutes to think about the 3 most important things I’m working on, see them as done, complete & that I’m grateful for them.

Don’t be wired for stress or fear. Don’t be dirt road happy. I can’t be angry & grateful. So wire myself every morning into a great mood my thinking about what I’m most grateful for.

Have a 90 second rule. “The suffering rule”. Don’t let myself be upset because there’s a way I want people to behave but they aren’t behaving that’s way.

We make things bigger than they are. Try not to make things bigger than they are.
Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. I have to master vocal skills.

Change is matter of motivation or drive not ability.

Most of us are addicted to our problems. People can change anytime once they set their minds to it.

Progress equals happiness. It is growth. How do you help people make progress. It never ends. The training never stops.

I get rewarded in public for what I learn/ practice in private.

Daily strengthen myself & know my purpose. If I can become more valuable have something more to give people everyday, my gifts will make room for me.

Feed my mind everyday. 30 minutes of reading / listening.

Decide what I’m really after that excites me.

Do something for others everyday.
Focus on adding value to others people & myself.

I want things to be current in my mind, I want to be in a state of readiness.

Know my outcomes and what I want to accomplish .

Leveraging is much better than delegating.
Focus on what I want ,what’s the result ? Not the things I want to do. To-do lists done help.
1. What do I want? what’s the result ?

2. Why? What’s my purpose ?

3. The map. What are all the possibilities it will take achieve it?

Get people who will see it with me instead of getting lost in my to-do list.
Leverage with them 80-20% of work to be done.

Be in a business I’m passionate about. When I think this I’ll be able to sustain through time.

Keep these in mind;
1. Believe the treasure is there.

2. Know I’m going to find it.

3. Know it’s going to be worth it.


Important resources to go through and get

100 most influential people in history. (A must have book)
The Pursuit – (visit site)
@tonyrobbins – (visit his Twitter page)
The magic of believing. (Another must have Book)


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  1. The 90 second rule is something I have to practice. I was always told to be mad for someone for a whole day, and if I am mad don’t let it pass the next.

  2. The 80 20 rule….is 20 percent of what you do is 80 percent of the result. I just thought that maybe some things could be explained a little more

  3. When you say knowing the numbers, are you talking about money or something else?

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