Summary Steps to Success (Tony Robbins)

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I watched an interview with Tony Robbins about a week ago. He talked about how he became successful and what he’s learned over the years.

This article begins with a summary of the seven steps he gave and also includes other stuff I learnt from the interview.

Enjoy your read!

Summary steps to success

1. Realize my purpose.

2. Know my numbers. Be able to read my numbers (financials)

3. Recognize my patterns of bad habits. Build new patterns.

4. Risk failing. Put myself in a position when I’m forced to go forward and there’s no where else to go.

5. Renew my mind. Reading is not enough. Read but also apply. Also on a physiological level.

6. Recharge my body. Take my health seriously. Watch my diet, have a trainer (optional), get my blood pumping.

7. Refresh my spirit. I can’t be grateful and angry or fearful at the…

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