Chasing purpose or popularity? 

This week and next week, i’ll reblog articles i’ve written that still help set me on the right path whenever i stumble on them. Here is one, enjoy!

Candid Christian

Steven Furtick is one of my favorite preachers! I watched a video on Instagram a few weeks back where he talked about purpose and popularity. It was so inspiring, i just have to share briefly this morning.

You don’t need popularity, you need purpose. Popularity only lasts a little while, it will only get you so far but purpose will aim you in the direction of a destiny that you can’t even imagine, “your eyes have not seen and your ears have not heard”

Motivation will push you, it will only get you so far but inspiration – when there is a purpose that is pulling on you, God gives this.

The devil laughs when in our own strength we make commitments because the truth is, wecan only fulfil purpose in God’s strength and the Holy Spirit is the one who reveals our purpose to us which is…

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