The Secret


I’m listening to an audio book called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. I took down notes of what i have learnt so far. Enjoy your read and learn from it.

I can have, do or be anything I want but i need to know  I want my life to be? I need to be clear about what I want. Don’t send out mixed frequency.

What do I really want? (I want Joy, Peace, Success, Favour, Wisdom, Wealth. I want to be a channel of blessing, a carrier of Gods glory, Phenomenal, a Role Model)

What is the secret?

The law of attraction is the secret. I have to know how to apply the secret if not i will not enjoy it. Whatever is going on in my mind I am attracting to me. Every thought of mine is a real thing. I call the law of attraction into action and I do it through my thoughts.

Think thoughts of abundance. I only know wealth and nothing else exists in my mind. Because I only think wealth, it is what brings wealth to me. This is the law of attraction.

What is my dominant thought on? Tip the scales of thinking thoughts of loss to thoughts of wealth. The law responds to my thoughts whatever that might be.

I contain a magnetic power within me and the power is emitted through my thoughts.

Giving your full attention and focus to it, hold on to the thoughts of what you want. Your life is a reflection of your past thoughts. It is easy to see what your dominant thoughts have been.

With the knowledge of the secret, I can change everything. Think about what I want in my mind, make it my dominant thought and I will bring it to my life.

Thoughts become things! My thoughts become things in my life.

A thought has a frequency. The mental attitude is the magnet. Everything sent out returns to the source and the source is me. I am a human transmission tower. The frequency I transmit reaches beyond the world. I transmit the frequency with my thoughts. If i want to change anything in my life, change the channel by changing the frequency and this means changing my thoughts.

See myself living in abundance and I will attract it. I am powerfully and consciously determining my life this way. Attract the good instead of the bad. Don’t think about what I don’t want. Listen to my thoughts and the words I’m saying.

It begins with me. Think and speak about what I want. The law of attraction manifests what you’re thinking of. Hold my focus of what I want. The law of attraction is the law of creation. It has always been working in my life. I can think my life into existence. It is working as much as I’m thinking.

It is an ongoing process. It is forever in action as my thoughts are. Make my last thoughts before going to sleep good thoughts. Because I’m always thinking, I’m always creating. Whatever you sow you reap. My thoughts are seeds and my harvest determines on what seeds I sow.

Concluding this article, the law of attraction gives back to you what you focus on with your thoughts.

I’m not done listening to the book yet but i’ll definitely be putting up more articles on what i learn till i’m done.

Here’s whats new with me. I got to America on the 4th of July.  I’m here for a training in Broadcast Journalism at New York Film Academy. I started a Vlog to share my experience here. If you’re interested in watching, please click here


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