RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2020 – Day 4

Tonight, Pastor E.A Adeboye taught on prayers that can cause you to fly.

Text: Genesis 32:24-28.

There are categories of prayers;

1. Usual prayers – the kind you pray when you wake up in the morning like in psalm 103:1-5. It can be a prayer of thanksgiving, you could be blessing the food you’re about to eat or when you’re about to get on the road or travel.

2. The kind that controls the heavens. In Joshua 10:10-12, he prayed and told the sun to stand still. It’s the kind of prayers you can pray if you feel age is creeping up on you and you still have a long way to go. You say, I refuse to die now but choose to live to declare God’s goodness. The kind of prayer you refuse doctoral reports.

3. There are prayers that can bring even angels down to do your bidding. In Daniel 6, he prayed while in the den of lions, his prayer brought an angel down to shut the mouth of the lions so he could come out untouched.

Some of us are living among “lions”. In our homes, at our jobs, and we need to call down angels to shut the mouth of these lions in order to continue our life undisturbed. In Acts 12:5-11, the prayer of saints brought an angel down to the prison where Peter was and led him out of prison with the doors opening on their own. When it appears our enemies are shut against us, we need to pray this kind of prayer.

4. There’s a prayer that can bring the Almighty God Himself down. In Daniel 3:14-25, the king testified to seeing four men and he recognized the fourth man as the son of God even though he was and idol worshiper. There’s a prayer that can bring God down and when He comes, everyone will know because there will be tremblings. Acts 2:1-4.

5. There’s a prayer that’s not exactly a prayer but a decree. In Job 22:21-28, it was God saying you’ll make a decree and it will be established. In 2 Kings 9:1-12, we see that Elijah didn’t pray when the soldiers came to arrest him, he made a decree.

Tonight, we’re encouraged to pray the kind of prayers that will challenge all those trying to block our way. In Acts 13:6-12, Paul was preaching to a governor and there was a sorcerer there. Paul didn’t pray, he just looked at him and made him blind with a decree!

As child of God, you should reach this stage.

However, the most important prayer to be prayed tonight is the one that’ll cause you to fly. In Genesis 32:24-28, Jacob knew his brother Esau was coming and they had been enemies for yearssss. Jacob had no army but that night he prayed, by the following morning in Genesis 33:1-6, Esau embraced him and both were weeping.

Between the night before and the morning, Jacob had flown from fear to peace. Jacob prayed and he flew from death to life, rejection to acceptance, hatred to love, sorrow to joy. He prayed, and all of a sudden, the storm in his life became permanently still.

Tonight, the prayer you pray that’ll cause you to fly cannot wait till tomorrow. Jacob didn’t let God go. He made sure he got his blessing.

All your problems can be solved tonight. It takes one solid, unrelenting, tenacious prayer. If possible. Pray till day break.

If you’d like to listen to the sermon, please click here.

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