RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2020 – Day 5

Last night was amazing! Definitely a night I’ll never forget for the rest of my life.

Pastor E.A Adeboye started off by giving details on types of prayers;

Thanksgiving: Psalms 100:4 talks about entering His gate with thanksgiving in my heart.

Praise: Psalms 100:4 “I’ll enter into His courts with praise”. Psalms 34:1 “I’ll bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth”.

Worship: Psalm 18:1-2, John 4:23-24. “God is spirit and they that worship Him, must worship Him in spirit and in truth”.

Supplication: 1 kings 8:46-50, “if we come to You in supplication, You’ll forgive us”. It’s prayed particularly for a sinner who is repenting.

Intercession: Numbers 14:11-21, Moses interceded on behalf of the children of Israel when they offended God. When you intercede, you beg for forgiveness for someone else.

Demand: Matthew 6:9-11, Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He said “give us this day, our daily bread”. We’re not asking.

Command: Isaiah 45:11, God Himself said, “ask me of things to come concerning the works of My hands, command ye Me”.

Decree: Job 22:21-28,

Whose time is it to fly?

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 there’s time for everything.

In Acts 2:1-4, “when the day of Pentecost was fully come”. However in Psalms 102:13, “God will arise and have mercy on Zion because the time to favour her, ye, the set time is now”.

In John 5:2-9, there was a crowd at the pool of Bethesda but only one got a miracle. In John 9:1-8, the man who was born blind.

Exactly when is it time to fly?

When we study the Bible, we see that some miracles take time.

A year: Genesis 18:9-14 (Sarah getting pregnant)

A week: Joshua 6:1-20 (the wall of Jericho falling)

24 hours: 2 kings 7:1-11 (Elisha prophesied about plenty of food)

Some miracles can’t wait: Daniel 3 (the three Hebrew boys didn’t get burned by the fire. Their deliverance miracle happened immediately).

Practical aspects of flying;

Physical: If certain actions are delayed, someone could die. If a person has an accident and is bleeding, a delay of just one hour to the hospital can cost the life of that person.

In Mark 5:20-24 & 35, Jairus came to Jesus needling healing for his daughter. There was a delay and his daughter passed but Jesus still raised her from the dead. The lady who caused the delay, the doctors had tried and had failed so she forced her way through the crowd and grabbed her miracle.

In Mark 2:1-12, Jesus healed the paralytic man who was helped by his friends. They didn’t beg their way in, they forced their way in.

Material: the elders have a proverb “embarrassment can come in one day but the shame can last forever”. In John 2:1-11, at the wedding in Cana, when they ran out of wine, if God didn’t intervene, the embarrassment would have lasted forever on the couple. 2 Kings 4:1-7 and 1 Kings 17:8-16.

Marital: Genesis 29:16-30, we read about Rachael, she was so patient but even her patience came to an end when she couldn’t give birth. By Genesis 30:1, she spoke out. It wasn’t long after she said no more waiting that God answered her.

Spiritual: Mark 5:2-19, is the story about the mad man if Gadara. As mad as he was, something within him told Him there is only one chance for restoration of your destiny.

In Matthew 15:21-28, the woman of Canaan that came to Jesus, she knew the time had come for her deliverance. That it was either that day or never.

In 2 kings 2:9-15, when Elijah asked Elisha what he wanted, Elisha knew there would be no other day for him to get what he wants from God. He knew this was his time to get a double portion of the spirit of Elijah, this was his time to become what he wanted to become spiritually.

In 1 Corinthians 12:31, God said you have His permission to be covetous when it comes to spiritual gifts.

Why do you want to fly? What do you want to prosper mightily? Why do you want to become one of the richest people on the whole world? Why do you need money?

For me, it is so that I can speedily reach the world before it is too late for the sinners. So that I can show them signs and wonders. Without these, some people will not believe. So that wherever I go, miracles arrive.

How do you become a high flyer?

Proverbs 13:20. “If you walk with the wise, you will become wise”.

Consider 3 people who practically flew; Elijah flew to heaven, the Lord Jesus, flew to heaven, Phillip from the records we have, the Holy Spirt picked him up and took him whenever God need him transported

All three have something in common, they performed miracles. In John 14:12, Jesus said “the works that I did, you shall do also and greater works than this, you shall do also”.

All three of them where soul winners! Elijah won a whole nation, within 3 years of ministry, Jesus left behind about 500 brethren – a souls every two days. For Philip, he converted a whole city to start with. They were inviting souls winners.

They were a club of incurable souls winners, willing to go anywhere for God, obeying Him instantly and they became unforgettable.

They were fasters. They fasted often.

There is a price to pay for flying and it’s a very simple price. Obey instructions. Whatever God asks you to do, do it. Stop listening to anyone giving you theories. Win souls and follow them up. Don’t listen to those who argue. Honor God and leave the rest to Him!

What’s the link between flying high and the Holy Communion?

The difference between a car and an airplane or a bicycle and Okada is fire power. The car carries 5 people, an aero plane can carry at least 600.

Running is good, flying is better, to be carried on eagles wings is the best. All the three men were full of the Holy Spirit.

When you have fire, which comes through the Holy Spirit, you can set the captives free and change sorrow to joy. Luke 3:16.

When you take the bread, it symbolizes the body of Jesus broken for you to guarantee that your health will remain buoyant and to give you strength for the rest of the journey. You eat the bread for continuous strength, health and vitality.

When you drink the wine, you drink for fire from within.

When you get anointed with oil, you’re anointed for fire from above.

I strongly recommend you listen to the sermon, as prophecies were shared and your case could have been mentioned. Please click here to watch.

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