Do It Afraid

I’ve been reading Joyce Meyer’s “Do It Afraid”. I’ve read this particular chapter twice.

One thing that stood out to me I absolutely believe you need to know or if you did know, be reminded about is this;

It’s time you made a choice – faith or fear?

Fear is a feeling or an emotion based on wrong thinking. Faith is absolutely trust in God (you lean completely on Him, knowing He will ALWAYS come through for you and staying in this mindset)

Moving forward, please stop looking at your “problems or potential problems” without seeing God in it.

God didn’t tell Joshua, David, you or myself not to “feel” fear. He says “I am with you” and this should be enough for us as it was for David, Joshua and all the other faith heroes.

As long as Satan can stop you with fear, he will. So confront it and eventually the feelings will go away.

Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind. Anything God asks you to do, you can do it even if you have to do it afraid, knowing that He is with you!

As long as the things you want to do are within the guidelines of God’s will found in His word, you should be able to do without allowing fear to stop you.

My friend Tobi gifted this book to me. Thank you ❤️

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