Reading through the book of Ecclesiastes helped renew my mind to accept I don’t have control of my life. I used to be obsessed with being in control. Not surprised my peace was almost always missing.

How do I live now?

Everyday, I choose to receive the gift my God has given me – family, friendships, a good meal and a sunny day.

Today, I didn’t need to look far to appreciate this gift. Scrolling through my gallery, I’m so thankful for every single friend and family member I have. ❤️

I’m thankful most especially for the last 3 years. God healed me from a skin condition, I got a job abroad and the experience helped me build character and pushed me to personally know God for myself. 

Now, I’m back home in Lagos, excited for this new phase of my life. 

Thankful for;

– Kornerstone Counselling Centre @kstonecc
– Candid Christian family @candidandchristian_
@youversion ❤️

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