I Forgot To Turn Off My Gas Cooker…

A year ago, I rushed off to work without checking to see if I turned off the gas cooker. 

I got back home, noticed the top lock to my apartment was broken and smelt something burning. In that moment, I remembered I had left a pot of spaghetti on the gas cooker because I was running late. 

I went to see my apartment manager and she explained what had happened to me. I thank God the smoke detector in my apartment triggered the fire alarm.

The fire department was there in time to put it out before it got worse. If anyone got hurt, I honestly don’t know if I would have be able to get over that.

I had to deal with the Odor – my windows were always open, I bought odor removers, air freshener, removed everything in my closet, kitchen drawers just so the burnt smell could go out but it never really left. This situation made me extra careful.

God puts out fire in our lives that result from our carelessness and/or ignorance and He does this because He loves us. It’s my prayer we learn from it and don’t make the same mistakes. 

David never repeated the same sin. Each time God made him aware of what he had done, he deeply repented of it and never repeated that sin. No wonder he was a man after God’s heart.

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