Do you do this too?

My dad was supposed to help me out with something and I didn’t want to remind him about it. It had been upsetting me that he hadn’t helped me out so I decided to try to sort it out on my own.

He called to talk about it and before we got off the phone he said something that struck “Biola, I am your father, you should feel free to remind me about stuff like this and talk to me about anything. I won’t feel bad”.

After I finished my conversation with my dad, it dawned on me that I might be this way with God so I asked God if I was this way with Him – trying to do things on my own because I hadn’t gotten answers and if He felt like I hid things that bothered me from Him. 

The answer I got was “Yes. You ask Me to help you and start making alternative plans trying to figure out how it’ll get done.”

I also got a prophecy that was in line with this.

I believe He’s telling me to open up to Him, be completely vulnerable and not to figure things out on my own so I thought to share.

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