Don’t Be Shushed

The bible text on the image I created above is from my devotional (Open Heavens) for today.

So many lessons can be taken out of this man’s story but what stood out to me was that he knew he needed to receive his sight and that the only person who could help him, needed to hear him and that was who he decided to focus on.

The crowd kept telling him to be quiet but he refused and even increased the tone of his voice till he got Jesus’s attention.

As you begin this week, refuse to be shushed by your situation and people around you. You know what you need. You know who can provide that need, so why not focus on Him and increase your communication with him till you get His attention.


I’d like to invite you to plan to attend / join this programme online;

The annual RCCG Holy Ghost Congress starts today December 3rd till the 8th. Theme for this year is “Glory Ahead”. You can join the services on YouTube by searching “RCCG” and subscribing to the channel.

Please click the bell button so you get notifications for when service starts and don’t forget to be expectant. #GloryAhead #HGC2018

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