Pay Attention To Signs


A sign is a symbol, a gesture or action used to convey information or instructions. – Google

As we drive, we look out for road signs. In buildings, we see different signs that either caution or help direct us.

There are life signs too. We often don’t see them, i’d say we experience them but unlike the road signs that are clear and seen, life signs just happen.

Someone might have done something to you, something might have happened to you. Nothing might even be happening right now but you need to ask God what information is He passing across to you.

The Holy Spirit (God’s presence in us) helps us see and understand life signs. If we are not sensitive to Him, we cannot be cautioned.

This December, let’s be sensitive to the signs God shows us.

What signs do you think God has shown you this year? Did you pay attention?

Happy New Month Fam!

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