“I’d rather watch a show on Netflix”

Success is not achieved outside of God’s word.

I know and believe this but I still struggle to read my bible daily. Asides from reading the memory verse from my devotional, scripture reading from bible plans, bible verses that are read out during Wednesday & Sunday services and “verse of the day” notifications from my You Version bible app, I don’t put in more effort in studying let alone meditating on God’s word.

I’m willing to but when I have time, I’d rather watch a show on Netflix, sleep or go on Instagram.

I started this post by saying I know and believe because the few times i remember to speak God’s word when I’m going through a rough patch, everything somehow straightens out.

My prayer is that you and I start being disciplined this month because we really should to go into 2019 knowing what to do when we are faced with situations that are out of our control.

If I don’t know how God helped others in times past, that already limits me.

God help us, in Jesus name. Amen. 🙏🏼

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