People going through depression can’t see ahead because they’ve built their life around a particular circle so the future is hard to see. The devil magnifies our problems to make us stay in that state.

We develop depression out of certain circumstances. Expectations not met, life issues. As Christians, how do we deal with depression?

Personally what has worked for me over time;

  1. Communicating with someone
  2. Who surround yourself with. Make sure they are people who will encourage & push you in the right direction.
  • Your feelings can lead you to a much darker place. That’s what happened with Cain so make sure you put in effort to snap out of it.

    Examples of those who went through depression in the Bible. Moses, Elijah, David, Job, Cain, Jesus.

    Philippians 4 is a powerful chapter on encouragement. We have a tendency to refocus our minds on things going on with us but Paul reminds us what to focus on.

    This week, let us consciously refocus our minds and hearts to the things that are pure, honest and true. What God’s word says.

    The depressing thoughts would still come but rebuke the devil immediately. Remind him “he’s lost the battle”.

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