The Wilderness Moments

The Wilderness Moments represents a group of young people who at some point may have lost track of their life or may have been misled but have again found purpose to life –and they want to motivate other to get to that level in year.

It is a growing brand that wants to associates itself with young individuals who want to make it positively in life, regardless of where they come from or what they are faced with. Basically, it is a good movement that seeks to motivate and inspire positive change and impact amongst the youths in Nigeria.

Nonetheless, on the 5th of May at the Golden Tulip Marque Center, their book will be launched titled; Wilderness Moments™ which talks about reaching for greatness even from a point of nothingness and self-doubt, period of dryness and confusion.

Very often than none, they believe that people find themselves in a life situation they never hoped for or even bargained for.  People will usually get to a point where they feel empty and unfulfilled – but when they honestly want to do more but we cannot find the strength too. And as such, people begin to feel frustrated and in doubt of God’s promises over our life.

The Wilderness Moments™ is a Christian – inspired book that seek to teach people how to remain unchanged and not to be brought low in this season of life.  It is the genuine intention of the author that this book becomes an instrument for sheer motivation, so as to inspire the readers to find that completeness of their being while going through the wilderness moments of life and also to teach the necessary attitude of perseverance that will compel them to finish well in their journey of life.

At this book launch event, they shall be graced by the presence of notable speakers from virtually all sphere of life coming together to discuss youth development in Nigeria and attempt to demonstrate in practical sense how young people can attain individual greatness within their respective endeavors.

Also, the Author @emanuelemechebe will be sharing a bit from his personal experience to achieving purpose.

This will ensure that the youth community in Nigeria is encouraged to a life of ethical morals & values whilst pursuing a life of purpose.

Aim of the Book Launch

1. To create a consciousness for a better youth community in Nigeria

2. To enlighten the audience on achieving a life of purpose.

3. To suggest ways for obtaining individual greatness for our youths.

4. To spread positive vibes.

5. To be motivated and inspired.

This event will provide a platform for artistes, musicians, writers, business experts, CEOs, entrepreneurs and even corporate bodies.

To register for this event, kindly follow the link below;

…And guess what? It’s free. However, there are limited spaces available, so hurry now and register to reserve a sit for yourself.

Be kind enough to repost this as someone on your timeline may need it too. See you there!!!

Connect with the Author

FB: @ifeanyiemmanuelemechebe IG: @emanuelemechebe Twitter: @emanuelemechebe

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FB: @wilderness.moments IG: @wilderness.moments Twitter: @wildernzmoments

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