Do Not Join Them!

Happy new month Fam! ❤️

Two people have duped me within the past five months and what pained me was that I knew them. We were friends. I did business with them and trusted they’d pay me my money but didn’t.

This has made me more careful and i have concluded that i shouldn’t trust my business to people because we’re friends or I think I know them.

My dad sent a devotional to me this morning and I’ll share with you;

[NLT] – Proverbs 1:10 *My child, if sinners entice you, turn your back on them!*

We live in times where all kinds of atrocities abound. Men are doing horrible and abominable things only to make money and defraud their fellow humans.

Proverbs admonishes us today, do not join them.

Let your conduct be pleasing to God, and wait for His blessing. He will surely come through for you.

Let these words be embedded in you today. Be guided!


Glorify your name oh Lord in my life. May i not be enticed by the evil that men do. May your Spirit fill my heart, and may your confidence be my strength oh Lord. Deliver me from associations or acquaintances that suggest evil in my life. Help me oh Lord to shun appearances of evil. May all that i do, be to the glory and praise of your Holy name, in Jesus name, Amen.

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