What to do about your reputation

I remember sometime in 2016, twice, my name was dragged for something I knew nothing about. I was broken, it was out of my control & I couldn’t do anything.

Kept getting messages and calls from my friends about what they heard and had seen.

Listening to Steven Furtick this morning, I remembered how my Dad told me them to allow God fix things. There was absolutely nothing I could do. If I talked about it, it would add to the fire and I didn’t like that I thought not trying to clear my name was going to make it seem true.

Who is in charge of your reputation ? Do you leave God to be your vindicator? Are you doing that yourself ?

I know it’s hard to sit back and not do anything especially when everything has blown up but I’m advising you to let God be your defender. Let him be your PR Firm. Everything will sort itself out and you will be vindicated.

Photo: Steemit

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