A little on prayer 

“Prayer works better than advice” 

I can’t remember if I heard this quote or where I saw it but I can relate to it. 

Here’s a little on prayer;

1. It’s the sincerity and faith behind our prayers that make them effective. 


2. Praying in the spirit means focusing on what the Holy Spirt wants me to pray instead of what I feel like praying about or what I think I should pray about. 

This may require waiting quietly in Gods presence until He places something in my heart. 

3. Pray more about my thoughts and motives & relationship with God

4. Pray to build myself up on the inside so God can take care of the externals. 

The condition of my heart is important to God. His word says He knows what we need before we ask, so I simply ask and let Him know that I trust Him to take care of everything that concerns me.

5. Don’t let my prayer time become a complaining session. 

I don’t have to construct alot of sentences and afterwards not being able to remember what I prayed for. 

Remember all of this when you pray. 

Have a goodnight rest. 

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