5 Important Things That Happened To Joshua After He Had A Divine Encounter


1. He heard God’s voice for the first time

GEN 1:3, whenever God speaks things happen, things change. God said to Joshua;

  • I am about to change your destiny 
  • You are a servant, I am about to make you a leader. 

JOHN. 5:29 . GOD spoke to this man and his sickness was covered 

MARK.6. 5:35. God spoke to the man and he received his miracle.  

John 11:35-44. God spoke to a hopeless case and everything change 

Father, thus very moment , speak a word I into my life . 

2. God said to to this Joshua, I am àbout to make you a leader of a nation. He changed Joshua’s destiny. 

Every one has a destiny . 

Gen 15:1-5 . Matthew 39. God is able to provide. 

Gen.17:18-19 . God decided to change the destiny of Sarai to Sarah. 

2 kings. 17:8-16. This boy was destiny to die young . 

He escape death by hunger through a man of God . 

Then Satan came in another way and kill the child , but death vomited the child . 

2 kings. 4:8-37 . This woman was destiny to die barren but God changed her destiny .

Death came again and killed the child , but God prevail and death vomited him . 

Father, if there is any evil in my destiny , pls change it today 

3. God said to Joshua where moses failed , you will not fail. That he would never know failure.

Failure can be very painful. When God speaks to failure, it can become instant success. 

Phi.4:13. I can do all this through Christ 

Mark.11:23. If I say to this mountain , be thus moved to sea yonder , it shall be so. 

Luke.5:1-7 . Peter failed throughout the night , but when he had encounter with Jesus his failure was changed to success .

John.5:2-9 . This had failed for 38 years. 

4. God said to Joshua “you will never suffer a defeat, no man will be able to stand before you all the days of your life”. 

God has various ways of dealing with our enemies. 

  • Numbers 16:22-34 : By Land 
  • Exodus 14:21-28: By Sea
  • Joshua 10:10-11: By Air
  • 2 Chronicles 20:20-25: He cab just ask the enemies to finish themselves. 

5. God made Joshua a promise bigger than every other promise. He said “I will be with you”. 

Exodus 3:11-12

Father, please be with me so that for the rest of my life, my own will be different. 

What is God telling me? 

Do not be afraid of anything. My success and promotion does not depend on anybody or the situation in Nigeria. 

  1.  Be strong, be bold. Face my destiny with boldness. 
  2. Be addicted to His word. Day and Night, meditate on His word. 
  3. Observe and do the word. Do what the Bible is asking me to do. 

Holiness is simple. Just obey God. 

This message was taught by Pastor E.A Adeboye at the Just concluded Special Divine Encounter Programme. 

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