What have you achieved so far? 


It’s the end of February next week and we would have ten months left till the end of the year. Do not look December as if it is still far.

What did you do in January? What have you done this month that has contributed to your personal and financial growth amongst other areas of you life.

Achievement is defined as;

  1. A thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill. – Wikipedia
  2. The process or fact of achieving something. – Wikipedia

Guys, we are about getting into the last month of the first quarter and i just started seeing the importance of laying the foundation for the rest of the year this quarter.

I thank God for the progress i have made personally. He gave me ideas last year and i just started making an effort this year to make those ideas become a reality.

Have you written out your plans for the year yet? i am not talking about your new year resolutions. Most people actually do not even accomplish that.

Things are still tight in the country and making plans to get an extra legit income stream should be very important to us.

My aim today is to make you plan to bring your ideas into existence before the first quarter ends so that you have a great year and by the time you look back at how you spent 2017, you would be proud of what you achieved.

I know i am going to be proud of what i will achieve this 2017 by Gods grace. 🙂



Photo: mindbodygreen.com

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