Beware of who you call your friend 

Heyyyyyyyy! 😊🤗

I’m so excited 2017 is in less than three days but I’m more excited because I’ll be with my family. Spent Christmas by myself so I’m looking forward to seeing them. 

This is the first time I am experiencing what I’m about to share. 

There is this girl, let’s call her BEM. She was my colleague till her services were no longer needed and she was let go. 

Anyways, most of my others colleagues did not like her and she was talked about because of how she always lied, talked way too much and was never content. 

We had to work together on a show so that’s how we got talking and sort of became close. Most of the time she talked about other people & it was hardly ever positive stuff. 

A few months ago there was some rumour going on about me and I was wondering who would cook up something that silly. 

Last Friday, I found out BEM was the originator and I was upset with myself. Mostly because I had been warned about her and even as we were friends I saw the fruits she bore and I ignored it.

She always owed people, living above her income, getting involved with a particular group of people just for money, she talked a lot especially when not necessary. There’s more but I’ll just stop here. 

I saw all of this I tried talking to her but she never takes serious conversations seriously so I told myself as long as we see just at the office and I don’t follow her to places, I’ll be fine. I didn’t even think she would cook up and spread false gist about me seeing as not a lot of people wanted to be friends with her. 

She owes me money and has not paid me back and it’s over two weeks now. I doubt I’ll even get the money back knowing how she is so I decided to let it go & leave her to God. 

What I was most thankful for was that I don’t have secrets and my life is pretty simple and straightforward. If I had secrets and used to share with her, I’m sure she would have added or subtracted or fabricated the whole story. 

This experience has reminded me that we need to be careful of the people we call friends. Not everyone is happy with your success and progress. 

We need to check the fruits we are bearing and try to change the way we behave that do not speak well of us as well as check the fruits our friends bear. This is important to avoid situations like this. 

Have you ever had a friend act this way or worse ? 

Please share your story in the comment section and also how you handled the situation. 

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  1. Doyinsola Folorunsho December 29, 2016 — 1:11 PM

    I had a friend who truly didn’t like me…but kept me around for perks. As we speak, I have cut the babe off like a freaking cloth label…😊…I totally feel you girl

  2. “Not everyone is happy with your success and progress. ”

    Well said very true.

  3. The kind of person she is isn’t really the problem but refusing to change is a big challenge; at some point in life we all tend to get some things wrong especially in the “character” aspect but the beauty of life is to change, grow and mature. As you progress in life dear you need to cut out some people from your life intentionally. Good piece before I write an article as a comment 😃😃

  4. BEMBEM! BEM BABY!! I once knew and trusted a Bem like you. I saw all these signs but I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. In the end, I was BEMED like you lol ✂️ Her off!

  5. Ok na, since I became born again, I hardly hear what people say about me. And I can’t even remember my past anymore Lol.. I have system in my brain that wipes off horrible experiences after TWO weeks.. I gues i’ve forgottent all such experiences!
    Oh!…I remember one 😉 .. My computer (yes my computer); It messes up at times and its Core i5 but behaves like Core i3 at times; Isn’t that hypocrisy? ah, and one day the battery just broke down without notice, and since then it (my laptop) behave like desktop without UPS; Isn’t that dissapointment? ..Trust me na hmm., I wrote paper and collected money to buy ORIGINAL ONE jare.

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