Five Key Questions You Should Ask Yourself 

On Monday, I had a conversation with my colleague Michael. Talented guy. He is into Animation. He helped create the montage for my YouTube channel. (Thank you Michael! 😊)

He was interested in helping me achieve the best with my blog and YouTube channel so he told me he always asked himself five key questions and answering honestly helped him develop a plan before he began working.

I wrote down the questions and typed out my answers on Tuesday which I’ll share below; 

1. What inspired me to start?

Blog – December 2013, I signed up on WordPress and wrote my first article. God laid it in my heart to share my experiences and all that He taught me through them so others can learn and draw close to Him.

Youtube Channel – I signed up in 2015. At this time I was interested in broadcasting but I was not active on my channel until July 2016. It was my first time travelling to the US and I wanted to document my trip as well as share videos on my life experiences and things I learn that I know will help other people. 

As time went on, I was worried about what content to put up until I prayed about it and God layed it in my heart to make videos of the articles I write.

2. Why do I want to do this?

I believe I have a ministry in this. I believe people will be blessed and inspired to build a relationship with God. This is my gift and I am choosing to use it to share the gospel and help in the growth of people around and far from me.

Over the years I had my blog, I had people reach out to me to make it into a business, some have said to write articles that would interest people so I can build traffic and get more readers.

I did not start this out of competition or to make money. If as time goes on, I get reached out to for advert placement, great.

From time to time, we all need to be reminded about important things. We all need help in several areas of our lives that will help build us and in anyway I can contribute to the growth of others, I am more than willing to help.

3. How can I achieve this?

Set out time and discipline myself to write daily articles and shoot daily videos so there is daily content.

Keep reading up and watching videos on how to improve writing & presenting skills.

As ideas on articles come to mind, immediately take note of it.

4.What do I need?

People to share my articles and videos so it will have a wider reach.


Equipment to shoot my videos.

5. What distinguishes me from others?

Being able to reach out and help people in  the community I live in, my country and around the world through my blog and channel has been my biggest achievement personally. 

I honestly do not want anything back. I just want to be able to help and see that lives are better with the hope that they in turn will help other people around them. 

So if you are about to start a business, project or anything important to you, I believe asking yourself these questions will help make things clearer and assist you with a plan. 

Here’s a link to the video for this article Five Key Questions You Should Ask Yourself 


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