What I Am Most Grateful For

Hey guys!

My friend Mary is sharing gratitude stories this month on her blog mypearlperception.com

She asked if I would like to share what I was most grateful for this year and I was happy to. 

I am most grateful and thankful for;

1. My Relationship With God – I’m emotionally stable and this is because of my relationship with God. I don’t have friends I talk to everyday or that I even trust completely. He has been the only friend I’ve had for years and hasn’t given up even though there have been times I got distracted. He still stuck by my side.
2. My Parents – God has kept them alive for me, in love and in good health. They are my biggest supporters. This year I had two experiences that made me almost give up. They were there for me always. Their prayers and constant communication kept me going. I will do anything for them.
3. My Career – I moved to an entirely different environment in 2014. It was a big change and slightly uncomfortable as I did not know what to expect. I knew no one but was given an opportunity to discover myself and discovering myself has been my biggest achievement.”

Major lesson learnt in the year 2016…

I learnt never to allow myself move away from God regardless of whatever i go through.

Drifting away from God (staying angry at him and not communicating or going to church) made things worse. It allowed the devil mess things up more. 

I also generally learnt to save more especially when I have more coming in, as well as putting in my best in everything I do.

Photo: Instagram – theaishapotentials

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