Learning to deal with the little things


How do you deal with things that you have no control over ?

Last week Thursday, I did not feel like speaking to anyone. You would’ve thought that something deep happened to me, but let me list out what got me out of mood.

  1. My blender did not blend my tomatoes properly, so the seeds were showing and I did not like that I was seeing them.
  2. My laptop charger blew because of the fluctuating current.
  3. My phone’s USB cord started acting up.
  4. I was trying to pay for something I needed online but it wasn’t going through.
  5. Something else I can’t remember right now (Lol)

So these five things got me out of mood.

At about 6:30pm, I finally picked up a call as it was from someone I cared about. He could tell I was not in a great mood so he asked what was wrong. After I finished listing, he started laughing at me.

He laughed and said that these were not issues.

Our conversation made me understand that when I can’t do anything about the little things, I should thank God that the situation isn’t worse and then ask for His help.

He asked me to go for a run, saying that I would feel better afterwards and believe me, I did feel better (I never exercise so I was so excited and out of breath when I got home).

I cannot say that I have learnt to deal with little things because I believe we learn everyday, so when the small issues surface find ways to deal with them.

Talk to a friend, pray, exercise, do something else. Cultivate new habits.

These will prepare us for bigger challenges because indeed they will come. If we don’t learn to deal with the smaller issues now, how can we deal with bigger challenges?

That’s something to think about.


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