How your mind affects your walk with God

We must believe that God loves us perfectly and unconditionally. 

He is love. You can’t earn or deserve it. The only thing you can and cannot do is receive His love. 

You are not a mistake. God knows you and everything about you. 

Stop trying to find worth and value in other things. 

Receive by faith and speak it out that God loves you and he has got good plans for you and thinks you’re wonderful. 

He never rejects those who believe in Him. 

The bible is full of what God thinks about us, our lives, our future, His expectations for our behavior, our finances. John 5:38. 

There’s a close connection between believing and thinking. 

Read the bible for yourself. 

Colossians 3:1-2. God is simply saying here that if you want the life I’m offering you, then you seek it by setting your mind on things above and not on things on the earth. 

Anything that we are is because of Christ and Christ alone. 

We need to learn to speak out, let the devil know what God says about our situation instead of stay quiet and let him make you feel miserable. 

We don’t need to get our confidence from our education, talents orfrom the world. 

The entire renewal of our mind! 

Read 2 Corinthians 5:17 and Romans 12:1. 

The more you’re doing for God, the more the devil you comes after you but the more victorious you become the less he bothers you because he knows who you belong to. 

Romans 5:17. We received the sinful nature through Adam so why can’t we receive the gift of righteousness that came through Jesus?

You sin but your identity is not a sinner. You are born again. The more you understand how much God loves you, the less you’re going to sin. 

Rev 5:10 are you reigning over things or are they reigning over you? 

If you’re struggling with sin, stop struggling because you cannot help yourself. Go to God and tell him what you’re struggling with and keep spending more time. You’ll see you don’t want to go back to that anymore. 

To live in victory you’re going to learn how to think the way God thinks and talk the way God talks. 

We have the Holy Spirit living in us. Spending time with God is a protection over our lives. 

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