Thoughts and Stress


Study the word of God in whatever area you feel he’s dealing with you. 

Have “Come to Jesus meetings“. Go to Him saying I have some problems and I need you to tell me what to do. 

He will give you stress relieving ideas. Take time to do things you enjoy instead of being excessive about work. Have a plan but don’t be upset if your plan is interrupted. Go with the flow. 

Make better choices about what you eat. Drink clean water. Don’t try to keep everyone happy all the time. Say no when you need to. Get enough sleep. 

Why is it that we think we can keep doing the wrong things and get the right result?

Make peace with your body parts you don’t like. Wear what makes you comfortable. 

Watch out for tension triggers. Learn to watch out for when you are getting tensed and learn to relax purposely. 

The enemy loves to put junk in our mind. He loves to make us think we can’t do things, we can’t put up with people. Things are hard. We need to start saying we can do everything through Christ who is our strength! 

It’s not good to think about bad stuff from the past. We can re live things mentally. The good stuff. 

Decide to change your approach to things. Decide to change and stop wanting everyone around you to change first. 

Philippians 3:12-14. Here Paul talked about moving towards perfection in Christ and spiritual maturity. 

Guilt and condemnation weakens us and steals our energy. Your life cannot go forward if you keep thinking about your past. 

Being a Christian is the best deal going anywhere. It is the most awesome thing. 

We need to be intentional about our thoughts. 

There’s a lot of things you cannot medicate. Bitterness, bad attitude, jealousy resentment. Only God can  help you with these feelings. 

He’s the best medication with positive side effects. 

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