Take control of what’s controlling you (2)


Great way to end the week with the finish of a topic that enables us reclaim control of our relationships, career, personal happiness and life.

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6. Find satisfaction in all the right places:

Our appetite for fellowship with God. Our appetite for pleasure. We want our relationships, our jobs, our recreation, our food and even our death to be pleasurable, but in reality we know that this is an impossible dream but it is still what we hope for.

When we experience pain, we begin to search for something to relieve us and restore the pleasure. This is why we must fill our appetite for pleasure in Gods way.

Our appetite for food. People use food too as a way to escape pain in their lives. No matter how hard we try, we cannot fill our spiritual or emotional needs with physical food.

7. Embrace a new power source for life:

God’s power under us, in us and surging through us is exactly what turns dependence into unforgettable experiences of completeness. – Bruce Wilkinson. 

Are you relying on self-effort and a sense of independence ? Are you refusing help because you need to look strong? Are you serving God with the wrong motives ?

You have a choice to respond to flesh, rationalising self or spirit controlled self.

We can deal with our appetites through Christ. If we are going to be victorious over our appetites, we need to learn live under the Holy Spirit’s control.

8. Work towards a healthy balance: 

The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react – George Bernard Shaw

Learning to bring your appetites and indeed your whole life under control requires that you understand the concepts of balance and moderation.

Total restriction and excessive indulgence are extremes that we can’t afford to live life at. Excess is defined as an action that goes beyond reasonable limit.

To bring balance with our appetites, we must practice moderation, use self talk, practice thought stopping, pamper ourselves, distract or delay decisions, engage in self monitoring and fellowship with God.

9. Cultivate a divine appetite:

God is the key to any success you may gain in learning to control your appetites. He needs to be your energy source, your pilot, and most of all your cornerstone if you want to become a new creature.

Seek God first, study Gods word, delight in the Lord, believe His promises, experience fellowship with the body (other believers) and share in His work.

10. Discover God’s best for your life:

Keeping God on the throne of your heart is a daily discipline and delight. – Jan Carlberg

Trust and obey Him.

In conclusion,

  • Make a list of the areas where you are not demonstrating self control.
  • Make a list of the lies you have been telling yourself.
  • Evaluate your self talk.
  • Make a list of healthy activities that bring you pleasure.
  • Confess, repent and seek.
  • Grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
  • Draw closer to God.
  • Engage in spiritual warfare.
  • Take control of your thoughts.
  • Determine to work on one appetite at a time.
  • Stop feeding your flesh.
  • Discover your state when your appetite is under control.


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