Holy Ghost Congress 2015 Day 5 

The Flood Gates of Heaven 

Text: 2 kings 7:1-11

Lessons from our text will tell us what happens when God opens the flood gates. 

When God chooses to open the windows of heaven, these things happen;

1. Stagnation will come to end and progress will begin.

The lepers in our text had been stagnant for years and when God opened the they began to move slowly at first but then very fast when they were going to deliver the good news. John 5: 2-9 is another example. 

Stagnation could be caused. When somebody feels he or she is satisfied the way they are and doesn’t want something better.

Occasionally, stagnation might be that forces beyond his control is holding him down. Acts 3:1-8 is an example. The man wasn’t satisfied with being a beggar but his legs were not moving so there was nothing he could do. 

2. Destitution becomes abundance.

The lepers had nothing till the flood gates of heaven opened unto them. 

The widow 2 kings 4:1-7 was heavily in debt till the flood gates of heaven opened unto her and she had more than enough for the rest of her life. 

Abundance means you have more than you need. More than I can spend. 

3. There is hope for the hopeless. 

Hopeless cases will be turned around. 

4. The siege will soon be over. 

By the time the lepers got to Syria, the enemies had already fled. The purpose of a siege is to destroy the people inside by hunger or if they dare come out to take them into bondage. Death or bondage is the purpose of a siege. Whenever the floodgates opens, the bisiegers will be disappointed. 

5. Where there is noise, there is life. Where there is noise, there is victory. Joshua 6:20, the wall of Jerico heard a noise and fell. 

If I want the wall standing between me and the fulfillment of the promises of God to crumble and fall, I must be willing to shout a big hallelujah!!!.

 John 11:41 – 44, Jesus spoke in a loud voice. Death heard a noise and released its victim. Surely, sickness can hear a noise and get out of my body. 

Psalm 18:44-45. Acts 16: 25-34. 

As Paul and Silas praised God,the prisoners   and the prison heard them that is why the chain and doors of all the prison cells broke loose! 

For whom will the flood gates open ? 

The lepers said “We will not keep quiet“. 

Those who will not keep quiet about Jesus, who will keep on witnessing, who will keep on winning souls for the Lord. 

God doesn’t want to just bless us, he wants to turn us into blessings. That’s why we did not die the moment we were saved. He gave us life so we can minister to others. Be in service to him and witness to the lost. 

God will not waste His blessing. He will give His blessing to those who will become a blessing. A divine treasurer. 

Leave this congress ready to serve God. Become a worker in your various parishes. Go back changed completely. Changed physically, because our yokes are gone, changed mentally because we think the thoughts of God now, changed spiritually because we want to begin to lay hands on the sick and see them healed and because everyone we meet we will tell them about Jesus Christ. 

Do all these and be amazed at how wide the flood gates of heaven will open for you. 

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