RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2015 Day 2

Topic: The Healing Flood. Matthew 8:16-17.

Exodus 15: 26 tells us one of the titles of God is the great physician

Matthew 8:1-3 Shows Jesus loves to heal. Malach 3:6 tells us God has never changed.

Rev 21:4 There is no sickness in heaven. Heaven is full of health. When we talk about the flood of healing after saying all these, you know what to expect.

  1. It is possible for God to heal everybody. John5:2-9 tells us God can decide to heal just one out of many. Luke 17:11-14, 10 lepers came unto Jesus and he healed all of them. In Matthew 8:16, Jesus all healed all who came to Him. No matter the multitude, He has the ability to heal them all.
  2. He can make whole. There is a difference between being healed and being made whole. To be healed means the particular problem you know about has been taken care of, to be made whole is to be completely taken care of. Luke 17:19 God gave this one leper something greater than healing. The woman with the issue of blood was first healed before she was made whole. 2 Kings 1:5-14. In the case of Naaman, when he came out of the river the 7th time he skin was as that of a new born.
  3. God has the ability to make you enjoy divine health for the rest of your life. Exodus 15:26. 3 John 2. Deuteronomy 34:7. Joshua 14:6-13.
  4. He can turn your hand to healing hands. He can make your hands extension of His own hands so that whoever you touch will get a healing .Mark 16: 17-18. Acts 3:1-8. Acts 28:8.
  5. When God soaks us in His healing flood, healing virtue can begin to flow out of us. Acts 19:11-12. Acts 5:14-16.The shadow of peter healed the sick. Acts 9:32-34.As soon as peter spoke, the man got healed.

Who will He heal?

The total summary of what Jesus taught is nothing goes for nothing. If you love him, he will love you. If you honor him, he will honor you. If you want to be healed, there are conditions.

Why did he heal the leper in Mathew chapter 8? The moment he received the healing, he went about testifying.

Who will he make whole? Only one leper came back to say thank you.

Who will he make healthy? Exodus 15:26 answers it. If you will do all that God commands you. You cannot be eating poison and expect to be healthy.

If you’re eating what belongs to God you cannot remain healthy. Are you stealing from him? You cannot be living in sin and expect to remain healthy.

Do you want to serve Him in holiness? Do you want to stop eating poison and begin to honor him?

Mark 2:1-12, Jesus first took care of the sins of this man before he took care of the sickness.

Why not let Jesus take care of your sins? Surrender to all to him today.

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