Our Priority 

I got to spend last weekend with my grandma, I thank God I got to spend time with her because I learnt something that’ll stay with me forever. 

Before she went to sleep at night I noticed she knelt down for about 10 minutes to pray and the first thing she said to me in the morning was  “Abiola, wake up and pray”. 

Sometimes I forget to say a prayer or thank God for how my day went before I sleep but seeing my grandma who is almost 85 inspired me. I told myself I was going to ensure I did this every night but I don’t remember doing this more than once this week. 

That she remembers to kneel and thank God every night and He is the first person she talks to when she’s up is a habit I believe she cultivated overtime. I’m a 100% certain God looks forward to her waking up and her going to sleep.

Time is essential for a relationship. Consistent with priority. If you’re telling me I’m first you need to give me time. This is a lesson I took away, she consistently puts God first. 

It’s so awesome to know God doesn’t answer our prayers because we’re good but because He is good! 

I need to show Him I put Him first. You need to show Him you put Him first. This coming week lets ask for the grace to cultivate a new habit of being consistent with our priority(Him). 

May the good Lord help us in Jesus name. Amen. 

Have a great week ahead. 



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