“Boys Who Will Grow Into Men”

Hi Guys, hope you had a beautiful week ? My dear friend Tambari (Who’s a guy) sent me a write up that’s so beautiful that’s what you’re going to be reading today. 

It’s basically for guys but we ladies could learn something from it. Stay blessed as you read and have an even better week ahead. Love you!.

TEXT: Eph 5:23-25
.NLT:For wives, this means submit to your husbands as to the Lord.


NLT:For a husband is the head of his wife as Christ is the head of the church. He is the Savior of his body, the church.


NLT:As the church submits to Christ, so you wives should submit to your husbands in everything.


NLT:For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her


This message is mainly targeted to the young male folks. Just maybe the females might like the idea of submission. For the guys i will try and draw our attention to our responsibilities.

 The scripture above clearly tells us that the man is the head, and women are to submit. 

Most ladies don’t like this. I laugh at them, because they don’t know the real responsibility on ground. Most women have written stuffs to try and justify themselves, or make it try to suit them so it doesn’t sound like they are the second to anyone.
Well am hoping that after you read this, you will go on your kneels and thank God you are a woman, also pray for God to give you a real man. You will be shocked how eager you would want to submit. (If scriptures are followed)
 Let’s us take a look at Abraham and Sarah. This story shows us a typical example of total submission. 

Abraham asked his wife to lie that she was his sister, the madam did as she was told, even to the point that Abimelech wanted to sleep with her, she was still willing to follow her husband, thank God for divine intervention. 
Do we understand the gravity of this? 
Now guys if a girl/woman submits to you this way, totally and completely, then I must say you are in trouble, if you are not responsible, because any mistake you make, can destroy her, and God will hold you responsible.
 We don’t get it when the bible says “we are the head just like Christ is the head of the Church”. This statement is big.

Today the world is upside down, you find the women being the spiritual head of their homes, and you find more women in church interceding for their family just like Christ interceded for the church. 
You see books like “the power of the praying wife/mother” you hear statements like “it is the mum’s prayers that is working for him/her” what happened to the prayer of the father? Don’t they pray? The abnormal has become the norm.
This virus is so strong that it has affected us (especially our Nigerian society) 
Those days when I haven’t yet come close to God, me & my guys, when we go for church/chapel services we always scoped the spiritual beautiful girls, and say to ourselves “that is marriage material”. Coz we knew that they will be praying for us & the family. 
Don’t blame us that much, our mums were so spiritual and prayerful, so we knew the power of prayers but were lazy to engage in it, so we hoped our future wives would stand in the gap for us. Well the bible has opened me to the truth. 
Who is Christ to the church? He was the one who stood in the gap for the church in prayers, He is the one we call unto when the church is in trouble, He is the way to the father. 
Is it the man who travails in the place of prayers for the family these days ?
Is it the man that ushers in the family into the presence of God?

 If a your wife/woman prays 4hours a day, the guy/man should pray more than that time, if there is a challenge the guy/man should be able to tell his babe/wife relax, let me go and meet God on our behalf, but how will these happen when us the young guys can’t even pray for long, then at some point later in future you Want to start praying for your wife and kids.

Your child is dying at about 1am, your woman is shaking you, shouting & crying at the same time, coz you haven’t developed yourself spiritually you too start to shake with her.
A man is supposed to study the bible more than the woman, you are supposed to be her pastor (also in relationships) to guide & teach her (if a married woman misbehaves in character, it is a pointer to the failure of her husband) but the reverse is the case. 
Kids go to their mum for biblical counseling rather than the dad, coz they know the dad is empty. The wife also seeks counsel from her pastor, coz her husband has missed it.
Being a man who hears from God, you hear things, warn your family of dangers ahead, when those things happens no one will tell your wife to respect you even if she earns more than you.
Jesus was the 1st to taste the hardship of the cross, the man/guy should be the 1st to taste every hardship that confronts the family, but no it isn’t that way now, they even push it to the woman.
 What about where the bible said “you should love her like Christ loved the church.” Guys this one isn’t easy, look at the standard “as Christ”

It is a commitment to her welfare at the expense of your own life. 

Christ in John 3:16 showed us how he gave his life for the church, it is independent of her behavior, and it is not a response to something she does well all the time. 
Jesus loved us even before we loved him, He loves us despite our shortcomings, so what does this mean, no matter how difficult or annoying she gets you must show her love (for marriages)
How did Christ love?
Matt 7:7 ask it shall be given unto you seek and you will find…….

John 15:16 whatever you ask He shall give you..

We all know it isn’t all things we ask for because some aren’t what we need at that moment. 

 Lastly Christ gave himself to the Church Eph 5:25 (KJV)

Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

Christ gave himself (not his things) many guys/husbands make this mistake, giving and buying stuffs for their women and replace it with giving themselves. It requires giving your time etc. Sometimes your presence speaks more than your gift. Traveling to go see her matters.


In as much that we want to make it financially before hitting the altar, we should also see to it that our spiritual life is ready to take up the responsibilities assigned to us as men. 

We need to start training from now, even if you are not in a relationship at the moment, at least you should get your spiritual life up to date, if you are in a relationship better, start doing what Christ did for the church on your babe, teach her the word, stand in the place of prayer for her, guide her unto the truth, love her like Christ did love the church. 
Don’t tell me you will learn when you get there. You should try a take a girl higher from where you met her. In the university making a 1st class result isn’t done in your final year, it starts from your 1st ever semester in school, being a responsible man starts now.

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