My Number One.

1:00 PM 29.12.2013

Feeling Empty.

How has my year been? What changes occurred? Who left? Who’s still around? Who did I push away ? Can i mark out everything i listed concerning my resolution for this year? Have i made an impact?

Birthday’s in a few days and I’m not even slightly bothered. Could it be because I’m getting older?

I should sleep.

6:35 PM 29.12.2013

Feeling Better.

Thankful for the gift of a friend. All I had to do was talk. She listened. Encouraged me.

9:30 PM 29.12.2013

I should pray but I decided to keep thinking. Reflecting on every bad decision I had made and the consequences I had to pay for them, at first I felt regret, then I got angry.

I sinned in my anger. Said and thought about things i shouldn’t have and now I feel unworthy.

Filled with guilt I decide to arrange and do chores maybe I’d feel better.

2:00 AM 30.12.2013

My heart feels heavy. I can’t pray because I still feel unworthy. Maybe I’m should write Him a letter I asked myself. After some minutes of contemplating I decided to sleep.

6:17 AM 30.12.2013

Thankful I’m alive.

8:00 AM 30.12.2013

After talking to a friend an hour back, he reminded me of His Grace. I took a bold step and did my devotion and prayed.

Immediate Peace Followed Once I Opened My Devotional. How Faithful He Is.

10:30 PM 30.12.2013

How could I have been lazy ? How could I have forgotten what He means and Who He is to me ?

Grace to trust Him more.

My BestFriend, Teacher & Helper In Person Of The Holy Spirit. A gift to me & you from God The Father.

My Number One. I Love You. ❤️


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  1. Amazing… You just ministered to me…

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