Mind Battles.


I can’t trust anyone. I’m broken. Let’s blame Past hurt. Then I tried to let someone in the best way i could. But it wasn’t enough for her. So tonight ends her telling me stuff.

What I understood is that I never come up with solutions and I’m always quiet. Up in my head I’m like I’d like you to see I really do try my best.

Regardless, How beautiful. (Sarcasm)

I really would appreciate you guys understand that these past months I’ve been trying to better myself, undergoing a process. It’s hard. I feel alone most times because  talking about this process isn’t easy for me.

I know I’m different & difficult. Everything gets messed up sometimes.

I Apologise.


I’m weird. Can’t really explain but let me try to paint a picture. Imagine a growing lady as I confess my flaws.

I expect too much from every one I care about. I expect them to be sensitive. To grow as I grow. I never really say how I feel when upset. I just store it in & withdraw. I guess I expect them to know I’m hurting.

I get angry easily. Assume. Conclude easily. Have Mood swings.

You’ll be surprised at how strong I look from outside. That’s just me trying to be independent.


My walk with you this past year has been beautiful but I have all this questions. I have dreams I don’t understand. There’s no one to tell them to and you know that. I know you’re speaking to me through them. Help me to be sensitive.

Every one is asleep but me. You know how I feel right now. Help. There’s too much to think about & no one to talk to.

I Apologise. I know I’m to pray for peace of mind but but…

Battlefield Of The Mind. Mind Battles. Does This Ever End ?

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