Complete Exposure

At 2:15pm December 24th, 2021, my friend Yomi, sent me a book by Rick Joyner. It’s titled “The Final Quest“. In his words “Biola, I’m led to share this book with you“.

Between December 24th and today February 6th, I’ve listened to the audio book twice. I found myself listening to some chapters over and over again, soaking it in and praying through it.

The Lord gave Rick a series of visions (this is what the book is about). These visions graphically teaches what the Lord expects of us, His chosen. Rick mentions in the book that he was allowed to see these visions because he had asked Christ to judge him and had been asking for wisdom for over 25 years! This panoramic vision was given to him over a period of one year. It includes an unfolding of the last battle between light and darkness.

Prior to reading this book, I had very little knowledge about the judgement seat of Christ and it was so beautiful to know this truth was not as scary I had thought. The other thing that stood out to me was this;

True Fellowship with Me requires complete exposure. True fellowship with my people requires complete exposure.

Jesus speaking to Rick Joyner

I’m reminded of Job, David and Jesus Himself. They were completely open with The Father especially when they were in distress.

In April 2020, the Lord laid it on my heart to start a group for females “Candid Christian“. We’ve grown to be 111 members and are in 3 different continents – Africa, Europe and North America.

In hindsight, I see that this group has grown rapidly because we completely expose ourselves with one another. I’m also reminded of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. The bible says “And the man and his wife were both naked and were not embarrassed or ashamed in each other’s presence.” – Genesis 2:25 (AMPC).

We share our struggles, addictions, sad moments, testimonies, everything with each other and we’ve seen that indeed, there’s victory in vulnerability. Addictions have been broken, there has been victory and numerous testimonies to the glory of God.

It’s my prayer that every believer gets to a point where we truly fellowship with each other and our GREAT God by completely exposing ourselves.

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