Where To Start Reading The Bible

Sometime in April, I stumbled on a website bibleproject.com and since then I haven’t gone a week without visiting this site! Here’s why…

Prior to finding this website, I always thought the books of Hosea, Ezekiel and Revelations were a bit scary and didn’t even think I’d ever be able to understand it. I found out that the Bible Project makes video summaries and best part, their videos are between seven to nine minutes!

I started with Hosea. I watched the summary and this sparked my interest to read the book of Hosea for myself and I saw it was a story about love. Same thing with the book of Revelations.

If you visit the website, there’s a “videos” navigation that has “Old Testament” and “New Testament”.

If you have ever felt confused about any book of the Bible, please look for the book on their site and watch the summary video on it! You’ll be inspired to read the book yourself and might even find yourself going back to watch other videos! That’s what happened to me. Lol!

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