How often do you journal?

In April, I started taking a class and part of our daily task was to journal our thoughts and how our day went. It was first difficult for me – it was a new habit I was trying to cultivate.

I’m now so thankful I had to. I look back at some of things I wrote and I’ve seen growth / changes in my life especially with the things I was intentional about. Here’s a journal entry from April.

The last two days I’ve been desiring God’s anointing, and today He made a strong differentiation between His child and that of the devil. I had always known God hates lies but I never really took it so seriously till today. He said;

My child will tell the truth at all times and the child of the devil will always tell lies. This is the major difference.

Those who are anointed by Me are always quiet people except they’re preaching, praying, you won’t find them talking anyhow so they don’t use their tongue anyhow if not, My anointing departs.

I want you to use your tongue to heal not to kill, to win souls, to cast out demons, command the lame to walk.

Then I prayed some prayers in my understanding;

– The next time I’m about to lie, please shut my mouth.
– I asked Him for mercy over the lies I had told in the past.
– I asked Him to help me from now, never to tell another lie, never again to exaggerate, never again to be hypocritical.

The rest of today, I’m choosing to spend it praying Psalm 141:3 “Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips”

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