Control Your Passion!

We need to control our passion so we can get to our palace. This was the difference between Amnon and Joseph.

Amnon was heir-apparent to David’s throne but he didn’t get to rule because of his overwhelming desire for his half-Sister Tamar. He raped her and was murdered for this action. You can read this here 2 Samuel 13.

Joseph faced sexual temptation and RAN from it! He was even accused and put in prison but, as ALWAYS, God turned what the enemy meant for evil to good and Joseph being in prison led him to the Palace and he became the second most powerful man in Egypt, next to Pharoah!. You can read this story here Genesis 39: 1-20.

God’s will for us is to not become a prisoner of our lust. The Bible repeatedly tell us to flee sexual immorality! We possess God’s likeness inside of us so we have the power to control our feelings, urges, lust, flesh and our passion.

I pray we remember this and run the next time we are faced with sexual temptation. Amen 🙏🏼

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  1. Adepoyigi Gbenga March 10, 2020 — 12:06 AM

    Hello Biola… this is your friend Gbenga from Lagos Nigeria…. I noticed I couldn’t get though to you on ur WhatsApp again… maybe you have change to your international line or something… anyways I just wanted to say Hi and also you this tell you that I do read every of your post! Keep up the good works… and do have a nice day ahead.

    Adepoyigi Gbenga

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  2. Thanks for sharing…
    I learnt something new.

    More Grace 🙌🏾

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