Let There Be Light

Thursday, March 5th till Saturday, March 7th was the RCCG Special Holy Ghost Service. It was themed “Let There Be Light”.

Saturday was AMAZING! I was able to take notes and I really enjoyed the service. Pastor E.A Adeboye’s scripture focus was on a part of the story of Samson – Judges 15:9-16

Here’s a few points he shared from this story;

1. Samson’s relatives (enemies within) bound him and handed him over to the philistines (external enemies) but the God arose and the ropes were burnt off. When God arises, the yokes in my life will be destroyed. Isaiah 10:27. Daniel 3:14-27. Acts 3:1-8. Mark 5:25-34. The yoke of death, stagnation, decrease and the unseen is destroyed tonight! Mark 1:23-27.

2. The jaw bone of an ass became a weapon of mass destruction. Whatever I touch prospers. Exo 15-25, 2 kings 6:1-6. *from now anything I touch will begin to prosper*

3. Within seconds, all Samson’s external enemies were vanished. When God arises for me, it doesn’t matter the nature of the external enemies, they will be vanquished 1 Samuel 17:36. Number 16:32, Isaiah 54:-5.

4. The relatives of Samson were the people who bound him and handed him over to the philistines. The internal enemies will be humiliated.Gen 50:15-18. 1 Sam 22:1-2.

5. One moment, Samson was on the floor, the next moment, he was standing up. The journey from the floor to the top was very rapid. When God arises for me and His light shines on me, my rising becomes very rapid. Genesis 41:1-44. Joseph’s promotion took place in less than 24 hours.

6. They saw Samson getting up but couldn’t stop him. When God arises for me, no one can stop Him. Psalm 23:5. Isaiah 43:13.

7. After Samson dismisses the external enemies, humiliated the internal ones, rose rapidly in their presence, He sang a new song! When God arises for me, I laugh last. “He who laughs last, laughs best”. 1 Samuel 1:1-8. Daniel 6:1-28. Daniel’s promotion was without opposition. Psalm 40:1-3.

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