Love Intentionally


We were asked in church last Wednesday to love intentionally. We were given a list of things to do, before the end of the month and asked to do them twice. Yesterday, i completed the list and i’m about to carry out everything on it the second time.

The reactions i got from those i reached out to was heartwarming. You can join me to love intentionally the rest of July and ultimately make it your lifestyle. Here’s the list. 🙂

  1. Pray for one family
  2. Speak to one new person and reach out to someone I’ve not reached out to for a while
  3. Intentionally encourage one person
  4. Listen to when people talk to me
  5. Visit someone who has a special need
  6. Give one gift to someone
  7. Forgive one person
  8. Welcome someone else in church
  9. Take somebody out
  10. Move my attention to someone else

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  1. Nice list. Would try this out. 👍🏾

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