RCCG July Fast – Day 6

Fear is the opposite of faith. It has been described as “false evidence appearing real”. Fear (of torment) is also a distressing emotion arouse by threat of impending danger, pain or evil (1 John 4:18)

Today, our prayers are focused on victory over fear.

Bible text: Isaiah 41:10

  • Father!!! we thank you for the past and present victories over anxiety.
  • Father!!! Deliver every member in all RCCG Parishes globally from the spirit of fear in Jesus Name.
  • Father!!! Wipe away every agent of fear from your Church in Jesus name.
  • Father!!! Increase our faith in you in Jesus Name.
  • Father!!! Restore back whatever we have lost to the devil through fear and anxiety in Jesus Name.
  • Father!!! Help us to start each day with you, and order my steps aright through faith in Jesus name.
  • As the Lord lives I shall not fall into bondage of fear again in the Name of Jesus.

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