Things and people will come and go, you can’t change this

I lost my favorite shoes two days ago and I had hope I’d get it back yesterday but that didn’t happen so I had to face the reality that it was gone for real.

I’m the kind that would rock one bag or shoe everyday as long as I love it and it goes with my outfit, although I never really get attached so I could give whatever it was out and not even think about it.

I got these shoes in November 2017 and they were exceptional, unlike any other shoe I’ve ever owned. You might think it’s weird you’re reading about a pair of shoes but I’ll go straight to the point.

I was upset and sad the whole of yesterday, even as I type to you, I’m still abit sad but reflecting on the situation made me see that’s how I am with people aswell.

Once I like you, I go out of my way to make you happy as I enjoy our friendship (girl/guy) and then when things go sour, it takes a while for me to be better because the person is gone.

I’m seeing this as a wake up call to keep in mind that things and people will go and I should hold on to the one who will be here, with me forever – God.

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