Here’s why you shouldn’t stay sad

I was speaking to someone really special last night and this person talked about how it was difficult to join in praise and worship at church because of the situation the person was in.

Whenever people talk to me about things, I try to give realistic advice if what they’re going through is beyond my help and then afterwards pray for them and this was because I don’t just want to go all “spiritual” on them and ask to pray which after last night, I’m always going to do because of what God made me understand.

I was with my sister when this special person messaged me so I asked my sister to pray with me and then I sent a reply which I knew couldn’t have come from me so I’m sharing as a reminder to myself and also to you this morning;

“The devil always wants us to be sad or unhappy so that we think God isn’t really on our side and then we slip up and make decisions that pull us further away from God or make some people feel so terrible that they feel unworthy of God’s grace. So when you’re in church or anywhere and you’re beginning to feel sad about your situation, in that moment, thank God for strength to trust Him”.

So pray right before you help someone, that way God can send you a message which they need.

Have a great day.


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