Ask for your eyes to be open

You need to thank God if you’ve surrendered your life to Him. This is because, for you to have accepted Christ, it means God opened your eyes to the truth that you can do nothing without Him.

A lot of people are still going on in their own strength thinking hard work and consistency will pay off. It probably will but definitely will take forever without God.

There are people who even have God but yet don’t make an effort or push to be better in aspects of their lives. Later they question why other Christians are doing better they are.

You need to keep pushing on in faith. With faith there’s no basis for fulfillment so you are definitely not going to see what you are calling forth but call it forth anyways.

I pray that God opens our eyes to realize the things we need to be doing and the habits we need to change in our individual lives in other for Him to get us to where we need to be in Life. Amen 🙏🏻

Have a great day today.


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  1. The Lord continually bless you Biola. Continue the good work that you are doing. I pray God will shine light on your path in Jesus name!

  2. Well done Sis. Very Encouraging Piece!

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