The Importance of Observing


This post focuses on relationships but it can also be applied in other areas of our everyday lives.

I started doing this last year and I have seen how important this is. It has saved me from stress and unecessary drama. 

This is what usually happens. I meet a guy, we start talking. For me, from that point I begin to check for things I’m looking out for in my future partner. 

When I notice our values don’t align or he has some habits I’m sure I won’t be able to deal with I talk about it and we end the process of trying to see if things will work out so we both don’t waste our time. 

Instead of rushing into things and then six months down the line or even three years you have to end things because of signs you probably saw and ignored or lack of patience to observe.

Even besides relationships, we can take time to observe the fruits we bear as individuals. How we react or respond to things or situations. 

If there’s need to change anything then work towards it. We might have heard friends and family tell us things about us that we need to work on, habits that we need to change. 

Also remember to pray about everything. Believe it or not God is interested in EVERYTHING you do. 

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